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Bio-cleaning & disinfection of mattresses


The mattresses need annual cleaning, to reduce the possibility of developing allergies caused by mites, which are located inside and on the surface of the mattress. Mattress bio-cleaning is the most effective way to remove all harmful pathogens from your mattress. Stains on the mattress from blood, urine, sweat or food also become the cause of the growth of microorganisms that are the main cause of allergies and skin diseases.
At GRECO CARPET CLEANERS we undertake the dry or wet bio-cleaning of your mattress and backing.
• Disinfection, sanitation and removal of dry pollutants, mites and pathogenic microorganisms.
• Bio-cleaning and stain removal, with the extraction method and use of microsplitting cleaning technology
• 100% eco cleaners, certified with ECOLOGO.
• Disinfection in collaboration with a certified disinfection company.
• Deodorization by unpleasant odors