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GRECO CARPET CLEANERS were founded in 2001. In our first steps, the main object of our business was the cleaning of carpets and rugs. However, building a creative cooperation and relationship of trust with our customers all these years, as well as keeping pace with the development and requirements of the market, our company today provides specialized cleaning services for handmade carpets, carpet and rugs, blankets, duvets , lounges, mattresses, cleaning services for tourist accommodation, business premises, catering establishments and carpet repair, maintenance and restoration services.

At GRECO CARPET CLEANERS we have new technology mechanical equipment for cleaning carpets and fabric surfaces, modern and suitable building facilities with excellently trained and certified staff. We use 100% certified biodegradable cleaners, friendly to the environment, humans and animals, which allow us to carry out in-depth cleaning, but consuming significantly less electricity and water. All the packages we use are made of 100% recyclable plastic.

The goal of our company is to provide high quality services, the excellent service of all our home and corporate customers, the continuous research and development of the cleaning methods we use and the continuous development and training of our human resources.