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Cleaning of tourist accommodation
(hotels, rentals, Air BnB)



Hotel units and tourist accommodation need to offer a clean and healthy environment to their customers. Our company, with its specialized staff, provides cleaning services in hotel units, rooms to let and Air Bnb accommodation.

We undertake the cleaning of carpets and rugs, sofas, armchairs, fabric chairs, quilts, blankets, cleaning and disinfection on mattresses and sleeping pillows.

We use certified biodegradable cleaners, 100% environmentally friendly, safe and harmless to humans and animals. All the disinfectants we use have the necessary license and approval from all the competent control organizations. All disinfection applications are made in collaboration with a licensed disinfection company and under the supervision of a certified agronomist technologist.

For all services we provide a complete file with all the necessary documents and certificates that you will need in case of inspection by the competent services, cleaning certificate and disinfection certificate, which upgrades the product of your hotel unit, because it is the proof that you offer a 100% healthy and clean environment to your customers, thus increasing the chances of the company to receive positive feedback.

Contact us to make an appointment and receive an offer for our services.

* (In the Government Gazette 3387 / ΒΔ / 20.10.2016 of 2016, with number 4.27 of the table, the cleaning of the mattresses becomes mandatory in the hotels. The hotels of all categories are obliged to clean once a year all their mattresses with a special decontamination machine and be provided with a special cleaning certificate to retain their stars.)